WHAT IS OVERSIZED LOAD/convoi exceptionnel

For transportation of oversized load cars with low frame are often used, as
well as large trailers and other special equipment. The selection of the
vehicle is made on the basis of information about the cargo and the route of

Oversized load can be elements of constructions and indivisible structures,
construction and agricultural equipment, steel constructions, large vehicles:
yachts, boats, etc.

Peculiarities and risks of oversized load transportation:

- Detailed study of the route. Evaluation of road and weather conditions. The
carrier should organize the movement of vehicles with oversized cargo,
taking into account such features as low bridges and driveways, low road
strength, etc.

- Particular attention to the reliability of its attachment to transport. The
load must be secured by all safety regulations and not affect the stability of
the vehicle.

- Load should not interfere with visibility. The driver must see all signals
from other road users. Vehicle number plates and other identification marks
are clearly visible. Also, the load should not impede driving;

- Environmental Safety. The cargo should not produce noise and other sound
interference, should not raise dust during transportation, harm the road
surface and the environment;

Transportation of oversized cargo as a separate service allows us to fully
take into account the above features and comply with all related rules and