wolumetric weight

Airfreight weight is the main component of the shipping cost. Either actual gross weight or volumetric weight is chargeable.

The concept of volumetric/dimensional weight was introduced specifically for light freights, which weigh little but have a large volume. Therefore transportation of such freights with payment for the gross weight only is not profitable for carriers.

he International Association of Air Carriers (IATA) states that the maximum of two weights is always paid. This rule is valid at any airport


How to calculate «chargeable volumetric» weight?

formula calculation

Knowing the volume: volume m3 * 167 = kg volumetric weight.

Knowing the dimensions - (Length cm * Width cm * Height cm) / 6000 = kg.


There is a box 120cm * 80cm * 90cm with a gross weight of 90kg. Its
volumetric weight according to the above formula: (120cm * 80cm * 60cm) / 6000 = 144 kg.
Its gross weight is less than volumetric, which means that you will need to pay for 144 kg.