Types of pallets

Certified Euro-pallet (EUR-pallet)

Size 800 × 1200 × 145mm. The upper part of the pallet consists of 5
boards, and the lower of three boards. “EUR” mark in the oval is mandatory.

Certified Fin-pallet (FIN-pallet, Finnish pallet)

The size is 1000 × 1200 × 145mm. The stamp "FIN" is mandatory. The
upper part consists of seven boards, and the bottom one consists of 3

Pallet properties:

Four-way or two-way - by the number of sides for the forks.

Double-faced and monostable. In the first case, the cargo can be placed on
both sides, and in the second version only on one side.

By the number of uses - disposable and reusable.

Based on their technical condition, pallets can be of three varieties.

Top grade

- practically new, white, strong pallets;

- without chips and cracks;

- have been used no more than three times.
First grade

- white, strong pallets;

- without chips and cracks;

- have not been repaired.
Second grade

- insignificant stains and darkening of wood from time are allowed;

- small cracks and chips are allowed (but not more than 3 cm in width and
30 cm in length);

- some of them may be after repair.

Using pallet

A 20-foot (6-meter) container can be loaded with 11 euro pallets or 9-10
standard pallets in one tier (in the picture).

A 40-foot (12-meter) container can load 23–24 euro pallets or 20–21
standard pallets in one tier (in the picure).

Wooden pallets must be strong enough to support the weight of the three

The load on the pallet must not protrude beyond the edges of the pallet.

When crossing the border for wooden pallets, it is necessary to have a
stamp confirming phytosanitary treatment.